The reaming, is a mechanical process very important, because normally takes place in a geometrically high quality, then certified by various measurements, such as tolerance diameter, roughness, the oval, the roundness, the linearity of the hole and other relevant values.


The Fiudi, a company with experience in superabrasive tools, offers the market making boring bars / special reamers, acts for machining by chip removal.


The process requires close scrutiny and jurisdiction as necessary to be able to predict the types of tools to be adopted, because the variables involved can be numerous and not always related to the same hole, defined as diameter and length of the same.

In many cases, the processing may present complex, simply because the structure of the workpiece is modified and undergoes tensions that modify the stability, or the anchoring of the same does not guarantee stability during processing.


The Fiudi has a technical department with powers to assess all the problems of processing and propose a loop with insert tooling or brazed fit to bore the hole in the specifications.

Of course there are cases where the tool is developed for several jobs at the same time to optimize the cycle time and machine.


Within the project, carried out by our technical department, is included the availability of certain services such as:


- Indications cutting

- An indication of the economic

- Technical support for start-up in the car


The materials can be machined with tools FIUDI:


PCD: aluminum, brass, copper, plastic fibers, composite materials, graphite and all materials that do not require the presence of iron.


CBN: Iron gray, some spheroidal cast iron, hardened steels with hardness over 50 HRc


DM: aluminum, gold, copper, brass, plexiglass, etc..