The motor car industry was born here, we have 55 years of manufacturing experience.

Don't forget  it!


Today the automotive industry is going global like never before, production is moving to different markets, and component materials are changing. We offer an understanding of the automotive value chain and find custom solutions tailored to your need. We can deliver superior value by listening closely and innovating based on what our customers say. Our goal is to help you be more competitive, at home and on a global scale.

Main type of tools for working:

Logo  Aluminum engine (block, cylinder head, oil pan)

  Parts (arms and suspensions)

  Carbon disc brakes

  Pistons, brakes, pumps

  Aluminum or magnesium gearbox

  Alternators or electrical motors

  Steering wheel and power steering

  Body, carbon shell, compound parts

  Spark plugs

  Alloyed wheels

  Volumetric pumps, steam and water turbines

  Bushes and pistons rods