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Only with a motivated and highly qualifed personnel, our company can take on the role of industry leader.

FIUDI has recreated such conditions makes recommendations to create career opportunities for young people willing to commit them selves, investing their resources within the company.

The cases listed in the vocational training section dealing with the development of tailor made programs according to specific training needs.

Young people will be at their service:

  • A world leader in engineering that will teach them some skills.
  • An environment rich in mechanical technology
  • The aspiration to a brilliant career.

Vocational Training

After years of theory want to know how diagrams, formulas and diagrams can be used to design or you work on a machine tool? We are your answer. Search our contact.

It is not only an opportunity to learn a new trade, it is also an incentive for all of us to learn and grow together.

Courses for External

Basic Course

Advanced Course

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Technical Operators


Corporate Security

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Operating Educational Program

Fiudi offers the opportunity to participate in programs of study for all those who are interested in living a learning experience after the succession of an appropriate qualification.

It provides, therefore, the realization of a training program to give way to young to be able to know and choose a given industrial sector.

Students will be placed side by side within the company remaining a tutor (ie a person operating within the corporate structure), which will be glad to provide specific knowledge.

Obviously this program of study / work provides certain advantages:

  • Students will work directly on machinery.
  • They will use the latest technology in an industry where precision is maximum.
  • They will use high-quality materials and innovative in the industry.
  • Will be provided with educational materials and anti-accident.

Location: Fiudi srl
Duration Time: 1-2 months
Technical and Production Manager
Dott. Aldo Esposti
Telephone: +39 011 / 24.89.966
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Fiudi offers the opportunity to carry out a period of practical training directly in the forum in which to specialize in one of the areas that provide more prestige to the Italian market, the engineering industry.

For all those who wish to practice their college years is possible, in our company, undertake a practicum that provides information, finally, the achievement of certain qualifications and certifications.

We invite you to join the project by searching our contact.

See you there!

Luogo: Fiudi srl
Durata: 3 anni
Dipartimento Tenico
Sig. Riccardo Musso
Telefono: + 39 011 / 24.89.966
Fax: +39 011 / 85.27.08