Customer service

Technical Support


A continuing challenge to excellence, with the use of a strategy based on accuracy, technological innovation, on the availability of resources that provide their professionalism at the service of your requests and problems.

The use of precision machinery, accompanied by a wide range of innovative products, characterize the FIUDI the company leader in the engineering industry.

The Technical Support is an essential element on which to base our business, and has been working on the increased timeliness, competence and reliability of a highly trained staff to support pre/post sales.

Your expectations...?
  • How often should you test a new machine or product, but you have difficulties in programming or development?
  • How much you want to optimize your results but do not have specific skills?
  • How much you need to correct and solve problems on the products?
We are ready to fulfill them!
  • Our expertise is always up to date on new technologies and materials. Suffice it to say that FIUDI was the first, worldwide, in being able to create, within is production, tools made of titanium.
  • We are ready to ask at your disposal actively interacting on all your customisation.
  • Our Technical department is able to develop innovative solutions, interacting directly on machinery.