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Tools Sharpening

“Productivity. Excellence. Value. All this is FIUDI
High Technology and Professionalism”

FIUDI looks back on decades of experience in restoring the functionality of tools for metalworking. The company offers in fact a service of precision grinding tools guaranteed good time.


Technical Support

“The beginning of a great dream... for a strong future” 

FIUDI, a strong name, an international company, with half a century of history, quality and service behind it, which brought lustre to the industrial sector of the Italian market and now presents its credibility, its value and its knowledge in the rest of world.



“Follow the route that leads to the success! Travel into the Future!”

Training and updating are essential pillars on which our corporate philosophy.

FIUDI tends to constant training and education of young people and promoting industry specialization courses.


Why learn theoretically only certain specializations?


It is known that the world powers agree not practical you learn only theory.

And that’s why FIUDI offer young people their knowledge, to teach effectively a profession that could mark their future. Therefore, we encourage young people to come for world in industry, researching the person inside of the contact, which will provide you with the most comprehensive explanations about your education.


“You don’t really understand something until you’ve learned in more than one way”