From the Past into the Future
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About us

Fiudi was born in 1959 in Turin (Italy) by the idea of its founder, Ing. Mauro Mantecchini, son of industrialist Leo Mantecchini Piston Borgo, with the aim of introducing the technology of monocrystal diamond in the local industry.

Over the years Fiudi Srl expands its sales to the whole Italian country and following the market evolution increases its range of products both in quality and in quantity.

In the early '70s the property, understanding the new demands of the market, anticipates the competitors starting to build the first reporting tools with PCD (polycrystalline diamond), sensing before the economic boom of the millennium that light alloys and composite materials would have revolutionized the modern industrial sector.

Fiudi is a leading company in the development and implementation of industrial tools in automotive, aerospace, electronics, hydraulics, bioengineering and jewelry; since 2001 it's the only company in the world that produces cutters with titanium bodies in its plants.

Vision and Mission

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FIUDI S.r.l. considers the achievement of the highest degree of customer satisfaction the main objective to be pursued in order to maintain and increase the level of competitiveness against the best competition.

Satisfying the customer is to offer products and services with excellent technical and qualitative characteristics so as to meet the customers needs with the utmost professionalism, while complying with all legal obligations and other health and safety requirements, for workers and environment alike.

We protect the natural resources and the environment.

FIUDI has chosen to pursue these goals with the help of methods and tools established through an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standards for prevention and continuous improvement.

Careful management of human resources and a strategy based on motivation, education, training and awareness are the fundamental elements we rely on to enhance, on the one hand, the competence of our personnel and, on the other hand, the environmental and quality awareness, as well as operating in a climate of active cooperation between all business functions (including customers and suppliers).


Quality Control

Quality as strategy. Quality as solution.

Quality is a guarantee for product safety and reliability.

We guarantee and defend this value by applying the most stringent and thorough checks to each of the stages that transform a simple idea into an essential business tool. Our experts use the most sophisticated equipment to continuously monitor:

• The raw material, through chemical analysis, dimensional checks and laboratory tests to certify the perfection of the structure.

• The production cycle: each stage of the production process is monitored according to control plans established by the quality procedures.

• The production is 100% controlled to ensure our products yield the adequate results and performance.

In line with this objective, starting in 2013, we will introduce a new labelling system that will enable our customers to identify our products in a simple and precise way, by using an electronic, laser stamped identity card.

Our customers will be able to access the products' on line data sheet directly, by using their smartphone cameras to read the new QR codes.